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Class Action

ENTERPRISE's Class Action team has worked on some of the largest and most complex class action cases in the country, including high-profile multi-district litigation (MDL) matters and U.S. Supreme Court cases.

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The team has leveraged its proven experience, client focus and winning results to establish itself as a leading force in class action litigation across the United States. From obtaining dismissal of claims at the outset of litigation, to defeating class certification, to winning in the U.S. Supreme Court, our multi-disciplinary team of attorneys successfully defend class actions across various industries and practice areas including:

  • antitrust
  • consumer protection, deceptive trade practices and fraud
  • breach of contract and warranty claims;
  • employment and FLSA actions;
  • environmental;
  • ERISA;
  • false advertising;
  • privacy and data security;
  • products liability
  • securities; and
  • toxic tort.

We routinely litigate “bet-the-company” cases against the country’s most prominent class action firms—and we have a winning record. Our experience means that we have insights and knowledge about plaintiffs’ counsel’s tactics and strategies. The class action environment grows more challenging and complex every day with the increase in multi-district litigation and consolidated class actions, related regulatory proceedings and government investigations, media coverage and public relations challenges, and enhanced scrutiny of class action settlements. ENTERPRISE’s attorneys have a proven track record of defending clients in some of the largest MDL’s in the country and managing those litigations efficiently and cost-effectively. We have experience coordinating with our clients, within our law firm, and with other law firms to ensure that litigation subsequent to an investigation or parallel proceedings are managed to ensure that actions taken in one proceeding to do not prejudice the other. And, we have partnered with crisis management and public relations firms to develop communications plans that advance our clients’ litigation and business strategies.

We have successfully used a number of defense strategies, including removal of class actions from state to federal court despite plaintiff’s efforts to circumvent the Class Action Fairness Act, using arbitration and appraisal clauses to defeat class certification, innovative use of technology in managing electronic discovery, developing a factual record to defeat the class representatives’ individual claims precertification, striking class expert testimony under Daubert and Frye, and strategic case management and scheduling to create the optimal record for the trial court and on appeal to defeat class certification. Additionally, our team has considerable experience crafting class action settlements that obtain court approval, withstand challenges from objectors and on appeal, and most importantly, provide our clients a full and final resolution of the litigation. Across the spectrum of legal claims, we have achieved litigation victories and favorable settlements for our clients.

We have the resources and experience to litigate any conceivable class action, anywhere in the United States, in any court, and at any stage of the proceedings. We litigate class actions at both the trial and appellate levels throughout the country and have defended clients in class actions in all 50 states within the past three years alone. We have litigated in courts ranging from the U.S. Supreme Court to some of the more plaintiff-friendly jurisdictions in the country, including Southern Illinois, Los Angeles and South Florida. No matter the adversary, forum or claim, we have the skill, experience and resolve to defend our clients successfully.

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